Graduate Student Writer-in-Residence

Fall 2021 Graduate Student Writer-in-Residence

The Department of English & Creative Writing is delighted to present to all students at the University of Windsor an opportunity to meet and consult one-on-one with Brandon Cormier, who is the fall 2021 Graduate Student Writer-in-Residence.

Brandon is available for informal drop-in chats about writing and literature, as well as one-on-one consultations on your creative writing.


Fridays 1:00-4:00PM

To arrange a time-slot for a one-on-one consultation on your creative writing with Brandon via Microsoft Teams, please contact him at, and attach 1-to-10 pages of your creative writing. Note that depending on length of your submission, Brandon will need time to read your creative writing prior to meeting with you.

Drop In

Fridays 4:00-5:00 PM

To drop in for a chat with Brandon, CLICK HERE between 4:00PM and 5:00PM any Friday this term (not including Friday Oct 15 of Reading Week)

If someone has “dropped in” ahead of you, Teams will place you in a waiting lobby, with Brandon alerted that you are there, and he will invite you in when he is free.


Brandon Cormier

Brandon Cormier is a contemporary multimodal writer with an inherent fascination for the rhythmic functionality of writing forms. He can often be found dipping his figurative quill into any and every genre, structure, or form of writing that catches his interest well before he properly understands it. A longstanding student of immersion, Cormier believes that to truly become an acolyte to a craft, it is not enough to remove oneself from it with study, but to dive in pen first and acquire the wisdom of its masters as complementary guidance granted along the way.

Listen to Brandon reading his poetry in conversation with Windsor Youth Poet Laureate Alexei Ungurenaşu, on the laureate’s show, “First Impressions,” recorded live this past August:

Listen and watch the recording of Brandon Cormier's inaugural reading, with participants Rawand Mustafa and Duoscanti:

Brandon Cormier is enrolled in the Masters creative thesis program in English Literature and Creative Writing. 

Twitter account of the University of Windsor's Department of English: @UWindsorEngl