Creative Writing Courses

Students take the following creative writing courses:

  • ENGL-2710: Creative Writing I: a 6-credit Fall-plus-Winter-semesters course

  • ENGL-3710: Creative Writing II (Special Topics): a 3-credit single semester course (since the topic will change from semester to semester, this course may be taken more than once for credit)

  • ENGL-4710: Creative Writing III: a 6-credit Fall-plus-Winter-semesters course

The Creative Writing Workshop:

Creative writing workshops at the University of Windsor aim to elicit open, questioning minds in life and language -- especially concerning the techniques and aims of literary language.

Workshop features:

  • faculty mentoring
  • seminar format
  • small class sizes
  • one-on-one and peer-to-peer consultation, discussion, critique
  • reading about writing practices and the traditions of twentieth-century and contemporary writing
  • public student reading event(s)
  • student initiatives (publications, etc)