Graduate Seminars

Enrollment in a graduate seminar is limited to 10 students, and each student is expected to make a considerable contribution. Every effort is made to accommodate students' preferences for seminars. However, demand may preclude some students from receiving all their choices.

The Department ordinarily requires the corresponding undergraduate survey course as a prerequisite for the seminar. Professors may also indicate alternatives to this requirement.

Every student in a seminar is usually responsible for:

  • A seminar presentation.
  • A seminar paper.
  • The reading necessary for each weekly meeting of the seminar.
  • A fair share of work within the seminar meeting, which includes asking questions, stating other points of view, probing the arguments that are advanced, querying documentation, etc.

The statements on grading in the course descriptions should be regarded as provisional. Any changes will be provided in writing by the instructor within the first two weeks of a course.