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This information applies to students who are already in a program.

Portfolio Submission Deadlines:

  • June 27 for Fall term  (ENGL-2710)
  • June 27 for Fall term (​ENGL-4710)
  • (note: ENGL-2710 and ENGL-4710 are two-term courses so you will not need to reapply for the Winter term).

  • September 30 for Winter term courses (ENGL 3710)

General procedures:

  1. The admission decision is based on the quality and potential of the writing submitted.

  2. All portfolios are reviewed by a team of professors who make the final decision on who is admitted.

  3. You do not need to be an English major to take Creative Writing courses.

  4. Admittance to a Creative Writing course does not guarantee any particular final course-grade; as in any university-level program, grades in a Creative Writing course are awarded on the basis of merit that is earned during course enrolment.

  5. Admittance to a Creative Writing course does not guarantee admittance to subsequent Creative Writing courses. Enrollment in each course is determined by portfolio competition.