Students participating in an ADYC Workshop

Keynote Speakers and Workshops

Keynote Speakers 

ADYC 2023

Resilience: Bounce Back and Thrive

Amina Abdulle

Keynote Speaker 1: Amina Abdulle

Amina Abdulle is a poet and a teacher who’s passionate about art and expression. Born in Somalia, Amina has been living in Canada since she was 7 and is proud to call Windsor her home. Amina’s immigration experience as a youth brings her unique insight as an educator, and she has 10 years of experience working as an English teacher at the high school level. Amina is now the head of English as a Second Language at Kennedy Collegiate. In addition to her job in education, Amina is also heavily involved in various organizations within Windsor in the field of equality and justice.

Stefan Adjetey

Keynote Speaker 2: Stefan Adjetey

Stefan Adjetey currently serves as the Vice Principal at Honorable W.C. Kennedy and his background in education as well as his role in developing Teaching Planning in Alternative Education and Re-engagement strategies for the Greater Essex County District School Board. Stefan works with students, teachers, and administration to improve futures by developing resources, delivering workshops, and providing direct guidance. With this set of skills and experiences, Stefan has a unique insight into ways to engage youth as an educator, even for those with non-traditional education paths.