Shijing Xu

Award acknowledges partnership in education

A project that places teacher candidates from China in Windsor schools has won recognition from two international development agencies.

Casa Canadiense and Pueblito Canada made the Great Essex County District School Board an inaugural recipient of the Global Education Award, which recognizes exemplary school-based projects, for its contribution to the partnership in the teacher education Reciprocal Learning Program between the University of Windsor and Southwest University China.


Lecture to explore feminism and argumentation

Feminists criticize the extent to which logic and other models for argumentation eliminate important contextual elements and force specific interpretations as if they were neutral, says philosophy professor Catherine Hundleby.

She will explore the subject in a free public lecture entitled "Feminism and Argumentation" on Thursday, September 8, at 3 p.m. in the seminar room of Parker House, 105 Sunset Avenue.