Roman Maev

Roman MaevPhysicist Roman Maev speaks to reporters during the launch of ONtech Rapid Coatings.

New company born of UWindsor research

A company launched Tuesday will market a new way of applying powder coatings that cleans, coats, and works metal in a single operation.

Roman Maev addresses confereesUWindsor physics professor Roman Maev addresses conferees at “Analysing Art: New Technologies – New Applications,” in Canada House, the nation’s high commission in London.

Conference considers new techniques to analyze art

An international conference last month discussed the future of non-invasive technologies in conservation of artworks and the detection of forgeries.

Roman and DmitryRoman Maev and Dmitry Gavrilov pose with their thermographic analysis equipment at the Institute for Diagnostic Imaging Research.

Physicists use high-tech methods to analyze priceless art works

Walk in to the Louvre, take a flash photo of the Mona Lisa and chances are you’ll be promptly escorted out by some rather unhappy security guards. Besides obvious copyright and security concerns, museum curators take a dim view of light from flashbulbs hitting the priceless art works for which they’re responsible.