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man looking frazzled with computerInformation Technology Services has issued a statement of thanks to all campus community members who tested their cybersecurity prowess.

Secretary claims cyber self-assessment prize

Irene Schiller received a $100 UWinCash prize in a draw from participants who completed the cybersecurity self-assessment.

Person frantically working on computer to complete Cybersecurity Learning Modules and Self-AssessmentFaculty, staff, and students who complete the Cybersecurity Learning Modules and Self-Assessment by Nov. 30 will be eligible for a draw for $100 UWin Cash.

Test your cybersecurity prowess to win

The Cybersecurity Learning Modules and Self-Assessment is a way for faculty, staff, and students to expand their cybersecurity knowledge.

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Video explains process of consenting to online pay statements is the University of Windsor’s employee gateway to human resource information.

Eva Bernachi of Information Technology Services walks through how UWindsor employees can provide their consent to view and print pay statements and tax forms online in this 119-second Tech Talk video. If you want more information about myUWinfo, click on the link in the Comments section below the video.