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Oct 15th, 2021

UWindsor will open its doors to the public this Sunday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. during Open Streets Windsor – an annual event connecting neighbourhoods and people around the community.

The eight-kilometre Open Streets route, spanning neighbourhoods from the west end to the east, will temporarily close street to traffic to allow people to enjoy the diversity of their community on foot.

The University will offer the following free events to the public:

·        Athletics and Recreation will run fitness classes every hour featuring,

o   Morning flow yoga at 10:15 a.m.

o   Body weight HIIT at 11 a.m.

o   Cardio Combat at 12:15 p.m.

o   No equipment/no problem at 1 p.m.

·        The Faculty of Science will encourage the public to make its own catapults and microscope stands at Let’s Talk Science;

·        The Faculty of Engineering will engage visitors with demonstrations of a mechanical robotic arm, model bridge, wind turbine, and more;

·         Centre for Cities, Student Recruitment and Education will be on hand with information tables; and

·        SoCA at the downtown Windsor campus will present Creative City, a collaborative art project inviting people to come together to create a model city using cardboard boxes.


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Cybersecurity Awareness month brings attention to scams
Oct 15th, 2021

More than a quarter (26%) of Canadians responded that they have been a victim of an email phishing scam, according to a survey prepared for the federal government. 

Phishing scams can take several forms from emailing, texting, calling, or leaving a voicemail but all are trying to fool a victim to get their personal or corporate information. Hackers will use it to gain access to online accounts and more for fraudulent purposes. 

When you receive an unexpected call or email asking for personal or company information, you should think critically about the request,” says Kevin Macnaughton, team leader security in IT Services. “While the person may appear to be helpful or in need, often they’re trying to manipulate you and falling for it can cause significant monetary loss to you and the University.” 

IT Services’ top five tips for spotting, and ultimately avoiding phishing are: 

  1. Consider the request in detail.  
  • Is it an unusual or unexpected ask from the sender?  
  • Is there an odd sense of urgency? 
  • Does it ask you to open an attachment you were not expecting?  
  • Does the message ask you to log in or supply personal information to a website? 
  1. Examine the sender’s name and email address carefully. Does is come from a public email like “” or another free email service when it should be coming from a business or corporation. 
  1. Review the message.  Does it have spelling errors, bad grammar, odd formatting, or missing signature?  
  1. Check any links in the message.  
  • When you hover over them, are the web addresses suspicious?  
  • Do any of the characters appear to be lookalikes instead of the correct letters? 
  1. For call scams, beware of a request to access your computer. Do they want to connect with you via remote desktop or ask that you share your log-in information to an online account? 

If you answer YES to any of the questions above, do not react to the message. Instead, if you think the message may be legitimate, contact the sender through a different communication channel to verify it. Otherwise, report the message or call to or contact the IT Service Desk at 519-253-3000 ext. 4440.  

Find examples of phishing messages on the Cybersecurity Awareness website. 

To showcase the global cybersecurity efforts, we are sharing the Irish campaign, "Stop.Think.Connect.” 

Led by IT Services, Cybersecurity Awareness Month efforts highlight cybersecurity issues relevant to the UWindsor community. More information can be found at 


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Updated 2022-23 UWindsor Experience Maps are now available for distribution.
Oct 15th, 2021

Updated 2022-23 UWindsor Experience Maps are now available for distribution.

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UWindsor is partnering with Habitat for Humanity Windsor-Essex to produce the first 3D-printed residential homes in Canada
Oct 15th, 2021

A team of researchers from the University of Windsor’s Centre for Engineering Innovation has partnered with Habitat for Humanity Windsor-Essex to build Canada’s first 3D-printed homes for residential use. 


“Habitat for Humanity believes everyone has the right to a safe, decent, affordable place to live,” says Fiona Coughlin, executive director and CEO of Habitat for Humanity Windsor-Essex. “As this cutting-edge technology is evolving, we are excited to partner with the University of Windsor to find ways to provide housing solutions in our community.” 

Coughlin notes that current building codes in Canada are not written with these novel 3D-printing technologies in mind. One of the goals of the project is to design a 3D-printed home that meets residential building code requirements and produce landmark precedents for future practices in cost-effective and environmentally sustainable home construction across the country. 

Civil engineering professor and University of Windsor project lead, Dr. Sreekanta Das, says the project will help address a vital need for a more affordable and environmentally sustainable housing market. He, alongside a team of engineering graduate students and laboratory technicians, will 3D print concrete segments on a large-scale, industrial printer in the university’s Structural Engineering Testing Lab — one of the largest and tallest in Canada — and test them exhaustively for strength, sustainability and durability to ensure they’re safe for residential use. 

“Traditional concrete construction requires more materials,” Das says. “Panels, usually made of wood, are used to create enclosures into which concrete can be poured to form a mold. With 3D printing, the need for panels is eliminated, eventually making construction much cheaper and faster.” 

Das says 3D-printed construction also significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions generated by the construction industry. A house can be printed with as little as three people within a significantly shorter timeframe and at a much lower cost. He estimates that once these construction processes are perfected, multiple homes can be printed within a few days. 

The team is setting its sights on completing four 3D-printed, residential homes for Windsor-Essex community members in need by April 1, 2022. 

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Chalkboard with Blackboard Learn written on it
Oct 14th, 2021

Faculty, staff, and students who wish to share their opinions regarding Blackboard, the University of Windsor’s learning management system (LMS), are encouraged to complete the LMS Review survey soon.  These anonymous surveys, one for faculty and staff, and one for students will close at the end of day October 15th.

The surveys are the first step of community engagement in UWindsor’s LMS Review. Coordinated by a multidisciplinary team of faculty, staff, and students the LMS review aims to gather perspectives from across campus regarding the usability of current tools, desired features, and anticipated needs for the LMS.

As the technological landscape is constantly shifting, and the campus has extensive experience with online learning and a wide variety of tools, the insight provided in these surveys will be invaluable for informing future decision making about the LMS.  (For more details about this project, please see the LMS Review web page.)

The survey will take approximately 20-minutes to complete.

Upon completing the survey, participants will have the option to enter a raffle draw (one draw is available for each survey) for one $250 Amazon gift card and five $50 Amazon gift cards. The surveys have been cleared by the Research Ethics Board.

For faculty and staff: Click this link to complete the survey.

For students: Click this link to complete the survey.

For more information about the LMS Review and how to get involved, visit

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Students wishing to showcase what makes them #UWindsorProud should volunteer for the open house Saturday, Oct 23.
Oct 14th, 2021

Organizers of the University’s first-ever hybrid Open House invite students wishing to showcase what makes them #UWindsorProud to register to volunteer on Saturday, Oct 23.

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Patrick Lauzon, grand prize winner in the Get Social About the Jab
Oct 14th, 2021

A third-year mechanical engineering student has won the grand prize of a $3,000 tuition voucher in the Get Social About the Jab to Win contest. The contest was a highlight of the Take a Jab vaccination campaign initiated by the University of Windsor in July. 


Winner Patrick Lauzon says he has an autoimmune condition and wanted to protect himself with the vaccine as soon as he could. 

“I also want to play my part in helping to defeat COVID. This has been a thing that has taken people’s lives, hurt people’s businesses, and also hurt people’s social lives.” 

University of Windsor President and Vice-Chancellor Robert Gordon, said the campaign was a broad one with a focus not only on the on-campus community, but extending to the University’s west-end neighbourhood and beyond. 


“Because COVID has had such a significant impact on our region we felt it was important to take a leadership role in helping our community increase overall vaccination rates. Our campus is not only vital to our students, faculty, and staff, but efforts have been made available throughout the pandemic to lessen COVID’s impact on our entire community.” 


The campaign featured a robust online component featuring University of Windsor students and faculty members engaging in question and answer sessions, as well as information on community resources, vaccination clinics in the area, and a frequently asked questions section.  


As well, a series of on-campus clinics supported by community health partners brought easy vaccine access not only to the campus community but to everyone in the area. 


A highlight of the campaign was the Get Social about the Jab to Win contest. Now closed, it offered prizes worth a total of more than $17,000 for UWindsor students, staff, and faculty who shared their stories about the fight against COVID-19. 


Dr. Gordon said he was pleased to see so many members of the campus community willing to share their reasons for being vaccinated. 


“We heard some really important, and often poignant stories about the human impact of COVID-19, but we also heard a lot of encouraging news from students, faculty, and staff who not only took the initiative to be vaccinated themselves but made the effort to get involved and bring that message to their community.”

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exterior, Entrepreneurship Practice and Innovation Centre
Oct 13th, 2021

Wen Teoh, Director of EPICentre and Prof. Myra Tawfik, Don Rodzik Family Chair in Law and Entrepreneurship and Distinguished University Professor Faculty of Law will be presenting in the session titled “Legal-Ease: The Intersection of IP Education and Entrepreneurship” at the 40th CCSBE virtual conference on October 21st. The session will be moderated by Heather Pratt, Executive Director of Research and Innovation.

The session will highlight the innovative ways EPICentre has collaborated with academics at the Faculty of Law, industry partners and the regional innovation eco-system to provide legal support to entrepreneurs, instill intellectual property knowledge in students and entrepreneurs while providing experiential learning opportunities to law students earning their course credit. The Canadian Council for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (CCSBE) is a membership-based organization comprising of academics, researchers, educators, practitioners, community members and policy makers dedicated to advancing and supporting small business and entrepreneurship. This year, the annual conference focuses on diverse and inclusive approaches to advancing entrepreneurship and driving economic and social recovery across sectors and countries – and adopts a comparative and international perspective in addressing topics related to entrepreneurship, innovation and technology.

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