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trucks with Google logoMove files from the UWindsor hosted Google Drive before April 30.

Reminder: University to discontinue Google services April 30

The campus community will be required to migrate or download any remaining files, documents, or data they may still want from the UWindsor-hosted Google Drive by April 30.

UWindsor students should review their Google accounts and save files elsewhere before they get deleted, if they:

  • received an email listing ailed files after the 2020 migration process;
  • have used Google products like Sheets or Docs which save to Google Drive after the migration process; or
  • if they have continued to use their Google account for storage after the migration process.

Faculty and staff who activated UWin Gmail accounts for collaboration purposes and want to keep files they have stored on Google Drive must transfer them to OneDrive or download them prior to the deadline.

Alumni who still have files on the UWindsor-hosted Google Drive they want to transfer can download them to their computers for storage in their preferred location.

A webpage is available providing details about the Google Services retirement and instructions on how to transfer or download your files.