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graphic illustrating video workflowUpgrades to Microsoft video streaming services will affect recordings of Microsoft Teams meetings.

Upgrades to simplify sharing of video recordings of Teams meetings

Upgrades to the video services in Microsoft 365 will simplify the sharing of video content and allow for new features including anonymous and timed sharing. These changes will take place during the summer months of 2021 and will impact how videos are stored and shared to be in line with other Microsoft programs.

One of the initial changes deals with recordings of Microsoft Teams meetings. Starting May 10, when a Teams meeting is recorded, the video will now be stored in OneDrive (for a regular Teams meeting) or SharePoint (for meetings held in a Team channel), instead of the Classic Microsoft Stream site.

Many features of meeting recordings will remain as they are now, including:

  • a link to the recording being automatically placed in the meeting chat and calendar event,
  • permissions being granted automatically to the meeting participants, and
  • the individual who clicked on the Record button being the “owner” of the video.

Once videos are recorded, they can be found in the Recordings folder in OneDrive. If the meeting was held in a Teams channel, the video will be stored in the Recordings folder of that Team’s Files tab.

An upgraded player is scheduled for release in July of this year. Until then, some features will be missing from the OneDrive/SharePoint video player: captions and transcript, variable playback speed, transcript search, and preventing download.

If you require captions and other features before the new player is released, upload your video to the Classic Stream site and transcripts and captions will be automatically generated; you can then share the link to the video in the Classic Stream site.

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