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Supply chain operations research winning attention

Research papers co-authored by management science professor Kevin Li of the Odette School of Business have been ranked among the most-cited works in their respective journals.

Kevin Li“Impact of product-design strategies on the operations of a closed-loop supply chain,” is listed among the most-cited works in the Transportation Research, Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review.

“Cooperative game approaches to coordinating a three-echelon closed-loop supply chain with fairness concerns,” is one of the most-cited works in the International Journal of Production Economics.

The two articles, both published in 2019, address different operational issues in closed-loop supply chains that are concerned with remanufacturing and recycling used products, says Dr. Li.

“The paper in the International Journal of Production Economics incorporates the retailer’s fairness concerns into surplus profit to furnish options for fostering co-operation and achieve equitable allocation,” he says.

The Transportation Research article investigates how different product design strategies affect supply chain operations.

“The results shed insights for supply chain managers to make informed product design and other operational decisions and policy-makers to better regulate remanufacturing activities,” says Dr. Li.

He notes that both lists are dynamic, changing positions of the top 25 articles as citation counts are updated. Among his collaborators on these projects were three colleagues who came to Odette from China as visiting scholars in 2017-18: Xiaoxue Zheng of Minjiang University, Zhi Liu of Anhui Polytechnic University, and Ji Chen of Zhejiang Gongshang University.

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