Robert GordonUWindsor president Robert Gordon praises the contributions of the University community in the fight against COVID-19.

President praises contributions by University community to pandemic fight

In a video message released Friday, April 24, UWindsor president Robert Gordon pointed up the contributions made by the University community in the fight against COVID-19.

“University research and the work of our graduates, whether on the front lines in hospitals, in research labs, or through collaborations with external agencies and industry partners, have never been more important,” Dr. Gordon said.

He praised the hundreds of UWindsor alumni working as nurses in Detroit hospitals, as well as those — including new grads — in Windsor healthcare institutions.

Dr. Gordon mentioned new research projects funded by the WE-Spark Health Institute and student projects that are already applying skill and ingenuity to address shortages in personal protective equipment.

“This difficult time has brought out the very best in so many of us,” he concluded. “Yes, we’ve been challenged, but I believe we have risen to the challenge and will continue to rise by doing our best, doing our part, and staying Windsor Proud.”

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