President extends appreciation to essential employees

In a video message released Friday, April 17, UWindsor president Robert Gordon expressed gratitude to employees working from home, and especially those staff members continuing to report for duty on campus.

“I wanted to take a few minutes to acknowledge the outstanding efforts of these employees who have been providing the essential services that keep the campus operational, functioning, and ready for all of us once we are able to return to our normal working environment,” said Dr. Gordon.

He highlighted in particular:

  • Campus Community Police;
  • the Central Animal Care Facility;
  • Facility Services;
  • Student Health Services;
  • Financial Services;
  • Food Services;
  • Human Resources and Health and Safety;
  • Information Technology Services;
  • Residence Services;
  • research technicians across the university; and
  • staff in the Centre for Teaching and Learning and the Office of Open Learning.

“Ultimately, when the University returns back to a regular routine … it will be because of the efforts and hard work that continues today in unexpected places, like our dining rooms, kitchens, and rec rooms — and also in the places and buildings on campus where our co-workers continue to keep things operational during these difficult times,” he said.

Watch the entire video: