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Sarah Woodruff UWindsor kinesiology professor Sarah Woodruff has published the textbook “Fitness and Wellness in Canada: A Way of Life.”

Healthier lifestyles aim of kinesiology textbook

A new textbook by UWindsor kinesiology professor Sarah Woodruff is aimed at helping students to adopt healthier physical and mental lifestyles and covers topics such as cardiorespiratory exercise, strength training, stretching, nutrition, weight management, stress management, substance abuse and addiction, and sexual health.

Dr. Woodruff recently finished work on Fitness and Wellness in Canada: A Way of Life, for the Windsor-based publishing company Human Kinetics.

She was approached about contributing to the text in 2018. The original publication was directed more toward the U.S. market, and the opportunity to produce the Canadian version, taking into consideration our cultural, social, and statistical differences, was a welcome challenge.

“It was a great opportunity to bring all the resources I need for my classes together into one textbook,” Woodruff noted. Previously, she would have to piece together resources from a variety sources to fit the Canadian context.

Her co-authors on the project include Carol K. Armbruster of the department of kinesiology at Indiana University at Bloomington, Ellen M. Evans of the College of Education at the University of Georgia, and Catherine M. Laughlin of the department of applied health science at Indiana University at Bloomington.

The text, directed towards higher learning environments, is now available from with a variety of study and instructional resources. To purchase, visit the publisher’s website.

—Martin Vaughan

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