students walking ouitside Leddy LibraryTown hall meetings Oct. 24 and 31 will enable UWindsor officials to discuss the Strategic Mandate Agreement with students, faculty, and staff.

Website and town hall meetings to discuss Strategic Mandate Agreement

As part of a broader consultation, the University of Windsor has established a website to inform members of the campus community about the University’s third Strategic Mandate Agreement (SMA3) with the Government of Ontario.

SMA3 will establish the University’s performance metrics, targets, and enrolment corridors. Beginning in 2020, approximately $23 million of its provincial grant will be tied to meeting these annual performance targets. By 2024-25, that amount will increase to nearly $56 million.

The University has a number of decisions to make as it prepares to meet with the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities for preliminary discussions in late November, and consultation is already underway.

Deans, associate deans, heads, and directors have met on several occasions to discuss the SMA process. President Rob Gordon hopes that University of Windsor students, faculty, and staff will join him and other senior leadership from the University for further discussion at one of two town halls, to be held Oct. 24 and 31.

“This is an evolving and complex process, and it’s vital to ensure clarity about the decisions being made and the opportunities to provide input as we determine a strategic direction that reflects the strengths, values, and priorities of the university and our community,” Dr. Gordon says. “I encourage everyone to visit the website as an initial step, and I look forward to seeing you at one of the town halls.”