Zeng LiZeng Li loves the diverse backgrounds of his classmates and colleagues at the University of Windsor.

Multicultural Windsor offers a welcoming environment: student

Windsor’s population drawn from around the world is a promising place to learn about other cultures, says Zeng Li.

Recently completed his studies in the English Language Improvement Program, he plans to begin pursuit of a master’s degree in electrical and computer engineering in the fall, and appreciates seeing people from diverse communities reflected in his classes.

“You can see Chinese students, Indian, African, and students from mid-east countries,” says Li, a native of China himself. “People can live and work in harmony. It’s amazing; I love it.”

He says the Centre for English Language Development has improved his English skills, but offers much more.

“I came to Canada to broaden my world,” says Li. “It’s not just a language program.

“My instructor always assigns homework and allows us to discuss in class. Everyone can share their ideas. It sharpens their speaking skills and my critical thinking skills.”

The Centre for English Language Development will celebrate international language students and their contributions to campus and community on World Student Day, Friday, July 26.

UWindsor faculty, staff, and students are invited to join in free activities, entertainment, and a lunch in the David A. Wilson Commons from 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.