Graphic: ’80s Revival The ’80s Revival promises retro fun on Thursday, September 20, in the Student Courtyard.

Student centre planning blast to the past

The CAW Student Centre is taking Throwback Thursday to a new level, with a day’s worth of retro activities ripped from the 1980s on September 20, from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. in the Student Courtyard.

Sandra Riccio-Muglia, director of student centre events and programming, says the ’80s revival is shaping up to be a “super fun throwback for all,” with a roller skating rink, games, era-appropriate music and treats, all free.

“Join us for a time when you put on roller skates to the rockin’ ’80s tunes of Michael Jackson and Prince,” she says. “You will even be able to get some ice cream and frozen treats by an ice cream peddler. Remember fun dips and pop rocks and photos when they came out in strips? All that will be there too.”

The Student Courtyard is located outside the east façade of the student centre, between Dillon and Memorial halls.