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Former exchange student returns to discuss poetry

Long poems by Jeff Derksen and Juliana Spahr are the subject of a free public lecture sponsored by the English department in room 2101, Chrysler Hall North, today — Monday, April 2 — at 4 p.m.

Samuel Cooper, a former exchange student at the University of Windsor now completing doctoral studies at the University of Nottingham, will place these poems in the context of the neoliberal present in his talk, “Interstices: Contemporary Poetry and Uneven Development.”

His analysis explores how these radical poets shift the creation of meaning to the reader.

“The unstable and ephemeral spatial world we now inhabit is most visible in the constant and rapid redevelopment of big cities, but its logic extends all the way to the abstract globalized world, as well as into the affective dimension of how we interact in and read spaces to make meaning in our everyday life,” says Cooper.

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