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Joury Sherghin displays a button reading Keep it consensualJoury Sherghin displays a button with a message promoting awareness of consent issues as St. Patrick’s Day approaches.

Students take stand for responsible revelling

The approach of St. Patrick’s Day has several groups reminding students to have fun — and make sure those around them do, too.

Volunteers with the campus Sexual Misconduct Response and Prevention Office are promoting consent by providing activities and materials on the theme #KeepItConsensual.

“On St. Patrick’s Day, a lot of people are drinking and intoxicated people cannot give consent,” says Joury Sherghin. She was one of several volunteers staffing a booth Monday in the Odette Building, distributing stickers and making custom buttons. “To prevent sexual violence on campus, we want to make sure that people are aware that it is against the law to have sex with someone who is drunk.”

The campaign will set up booths with treats and educational activities from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Wednesday, March 15, in the law building, and Tuesday and Thursday, March 14 and 16, in the student centre.

Residence Services launched its annual #ICloverSober campaign Monday, asking residence students to pledge to respect others and themselves. Pledge forms in the lobby of each building read in part:

  • I pledge to be a good friend for my friends that have had too much to drink. I will not leave my friends behind at a pub or party. I won’t be afraid to let my friends know when they have had too much to drink and I won’t be afraid to have that conversation when they sober up.
  • I pledge to always ask for consent every time and often because I know that consent is important. I will never try to guilt, bribe or force someone into giving me consent. I will not ask for consent from an intoxicated person because I know they cannot give consent.

Staff will be promoting safe drinking all week, with special activities ranging from a scavenger hunt and karaoke to a trivia contest in residence elevators, set up like the game show “Cash Cab.”