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Members of the cast of Queen Milli of Galt pose below the grave marker of Millicent MilroyMembers of the cast of Queen Milli of Galt pose below the grave marker of Millicent Milroy, which reads in part: “wife of Edward VIII, Duke of Windsor, 1894-1972.”

Visit to graveyard brings story to life for student actors

Drama students starring in the University Players’ current production of Queen Milli of Galt took their learning experience on the road before taking it to the stage.

The play is based on a true event set in Galt, now part of the city of Cambridge, Ontario. After the 1972 death of the Duke of Windsor (the erstwhile Edward VIII), 80-year-old Millicent Milroy had her tombstone engraved, naming herself as his wife.

On the suggestion of director Marc Bondy, the cast and crew drove up to Cambridge to see for themselves the tombstone and the town in which Milli Milroy lived.

“It was a spiritual experience for some of the cast,” says assistant director Meghan Fowler. “We could imagine what it was like for Milli and the other characters. We were able to share the same ground as the real Milli.”

Queen Milli of Galt weaves a charming and warm love story between Millicent Milroy and the handsome heir to the throne. It is a touching and funny tale about hope and enduring love.

The play by Gary Kirkham continues through December 4 in the Essex Hall Theatre. Tickets may be ordered online at or by calling 519-253-3000, ext. 2808.