frying pansChef AnnaMaria Lopez will demonstrate quick, healthy meal preparation Tuesday during a farmers’ market in the CAW Student Centre.

Cooking demos to take centre stage during winter farmers’ markets

Some of the vendors from the campus farmers’ markets will return to the CAW Student Centre this week with a new trial draw — a live cooking demonstration with a chance to sample the results.

“The point of the demonstration is to teach students time-efficient, budget-friendly meals that feature five ingredients and take less than 30 minutes to prepare,” says Sandra Riccio-Muglia, director of events and programs for the centre. “I know our students live a fast-paced lifestyle and do not always take the time to eat properly or cook for themselves.”

She says the recipes will be healthy and where possible will use ingredients available from participating vendors.

The project will debut Tuesday, November 22, at 11:30 a.m. Nutritionist AnnaMaria Lopez, chef and owner of Apron on the Run, will prepare two varieties of chili: with and without meat, with a side of sweet potato salad.

Riccio-Muglia says she hopes to blend the two initiatives next semester, bringing vendors to the Commons area while providing a quick lunchtime lesson on nutrition and cooking. The Farmers’ Market will resume full operation on the last Thursday of each winter month.