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The University Senate passed the University of Windsor's own open access policy (OA).The University Senate passed the University of Windsor's own open access policy (OA).

University of Windsor Senate Passes Open Access Policy

In recognition of the importance of providing open access to Windsor research, and building on the momentum of the Tri-Council Open Access Policy (CIHR, NSERC, SSHRC), University Senate passed the University of Windsor's own open access policy (OA), Friday May 8.

According to Gwendolyn Ebbett, Dean of the Library, “recognition of the need for free online access to research has been growing as numerous funding agencies and institutions worldwide implement open access policies.”

In Canada, the recent release of the Tri-Agency Open Access Policy on Publications requires grant recipients, as of May 2015, to take steps to ensure that peer-reviewed journal publications arising from supported research are made freely accessible within 12 months of publication.  

In the new Windsor policy, all researchers across campus are strongly encouraged to post a copy of their peer-reviewed journal articles in Scholarship at UWindsor regardless of funding. ​Author’s whose articles must be made available open access as a result of the Tri-Council OA policy are also required to place a copy of those articles in Scholarship at UWindsor.

The new Windsor policy does not preclude authors from publishing or disseminating their work in any other venue they deem appropriate. Authors are encouraged to share their work widely. 

Dave Johnston, the Scholarly Communications Coordinator at Leddy Library, explains that “the Windsor OA policy simply ensures that a copy of all Tri-Council funded Windsor research is showcased and preserved in one place. This is vital for creating a strong infrastructure for open access research. Scholarship at UWindsor increases visibility of research and provides authors with regular reports on the use of their work.”

The Leddy Library recognizes that questions will continue to arise as these policies are implemented here and across Canada and around the world.

UWindsor Faculty are encouraged to send questions regarding the policy to Dave Johnston at djohnst@uwindsor.ca or to their liaison librarian

Dave’s Blog: http://leddy.uwindsor.ca/university-windsor-senate-passes-open-access-policy,

UWindsor OA Webpage & FAQ: http://leddy.uwindsor.ca/open-access

Quick guide to the Policies: http://leddy.uwindsor.ca/sites/uwindsor.ca.dailynews/files/u319/oa%20flowchart.pdf