Alan Wildeman at podiumPresident Alan Wildeman unveiled his vision for the University’s future in an address Monday entitled “UWindsor 2.0.”

Presidential address lays out agenda for renewal

President Alan Wildeman unveiled his vision for UWindsor 2.0 during an address to the campus community Monday.

“I truly believe that we have the potential to be a university of exceptional distinction. Our complex blend of programs, our diverse and international character, and the grittiness and passion that is embedded in our history and our present, are all exceptional strengths,” Dr. Wildeman said.

“We are going to step our way from Windsor 1.0 to 2.0 over the next three-year period. We have begun holding meetings with deans and department heads to discuss enrolment and how we can develop a better toolkit for maximizing our ability to recruit and retain the best students.”

He exhorted employees to “be at the top of our game when it comes to managing enrolment,” to reinforce the strengths and quality of the University of Windsor while at the same time supporting the financial footing on which everything rests.

During this period of transition, the University will:

  • focus on enrolment and the student experience;
  • invest in faculty;
  • continue facilities renewal; and
  • move to activity based budgeting.

Wildeman announced that the University will allocate its resources to permit the hiring of up to 50 new full-time faculty members to spur campus renewal and build on the University’s academic strengths and opportunities.

“If we make this move now, we can tell the world that the University of Windsor is a place where students can meet their professors in year one, a place where new innovative ways of teaching and learning are being accelerated, a place where research and creativity are helping our region and the country,” he said.

UWindsor 2.0 comes as the university—an institution with an increasing international scope—is well-positioned to build on its growing reputation in research, diverse enrolment and a welcoming campus where people want to be.

“Our goal has always been to be a great university for our students,” he said. “It is all do-able if everyone is a part of it.”

A full text of the speech is available on the presidential communications webpage.