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Under Armour sweatshirt.This Under Armour sweatshirt will reward IT systems administrator Chris Zahorak for his knowledge of historic Canadians.

IT administrator makes news with contest triumph

Chris Zahorak, a systems administrator in IT Services, won this week’s DailyNews quiz contest and its fabulous prize of a beautiful UWindsor sweatshirt.

Zahorak’s entry was drawn from all those which correctly identified five decades’ worth of Canadian newsmakers of the year: Lester Pearson in 1963, Pierre Trudeau in 1973, Brian Mulroney in 1983, Kim Campbell in 1993, and Paul Martin in 2003.

To help celebrate the University of Windsor’s 50th anniversary, DailyNews will run a contest at the beginning of each week, offering a prize donated by the University Bookstore. This week’s prize, a beautiful Under Armour fleece hooded sweatshirt embroidered with the UWindsor logo, is also available for purchase from the Bookstore kiosk at a cost of $68.95.

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