Workshops offer opportunities for professional development

A series of workshops offered by the UWindsor Department of Human Resources offers employees a chance to develop their professional skills as well as perspective on the campus as a workplace.

Each of the workshops in February and March are scheduled to begin at 9 a.m. in the Oak Room, Vanier Hall:

  • Putting the UWindsor Standards in Action, February 7
    The University’s Service Standards are designed to manage the expectations of our students and other individuals who access the many services provided. This session will explore how to put the standards in action, and how to provide the best service possible through the Excellent Service framework.
  • Four Generations, One Workplace, February 26
    For the first time in history, four generations—Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Generation X and Generation Y—are in the workplace at the same time. The session will explore the differences and similarities of the four generations and how these differences impact the workplace.
  • Creating Balance in Your Life, March 7
    In today’s environment of competing demands, relentless commitments and a consistent feeling of time shortage, balance does not come naturally. This session will explore strategies for achieving greater balance in life, and how to recognize what one can and can’t control.
  • Managing Difficult Service Interactions, March 21
    From time to time, service users may behave in ways that could be described as difficult. How you manage the situation will determine the outcome of the interaction. This session will explore difficult behaviours in people including strategies on how to manage such challenging service interactions. Participants will also learn practical tips for solving problems.
  • Planning an Event? March26
    This session has been designed to assist with planning a successful, stress free, incident free event at the University. It will cover types of events and approvals, waivers, strategies for identifying, evaluating and mitigating any possible risks with the event, field trip tips and which departments to involve when planning an event.

The series is free for all staff, faculty and sessional instructors. Click here to register online.