International scholar to offer session on graduate supervising and mentoring, March 16

How can graduate supervisors and mentors adjust their approach in order to communicate more effectively with their students? And what can instructors and supervisors do when an impasse or outright conflict arises?

Tracy C. Davis, professor and associate dean for academic affairs at Northwestern University, will offer a special presentation to faculty and staff on graduate supervising and mentoring, March 16 at 10 a.m.

“Good communication is a key element of any relationship and research mentoring is no exception,” says Davis. “This session will focus on assessing obstacles to students’ success in tandem with what mitigates against our effectiveness as mentors.”

Participants will discuss communication styles and the challenges they present when working with mentees who have contrasting approaches; identify and practice concrete strategies for addressing troubling symptoms and engaging in difficult conversations with mentees; and improve understanding of how difference and cultural awareness affect workplace conduct and students’ ability to conduct research.

The Humanities Research Group presents this workshop, co-hosted by the Faculty of Graduate Studies and the Centre for Teaching and Learning. To register, visit