Applicants for full-time, undergraduate studies must apply through the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (O.U.A.C.). Current Ontario secondary school students should contact their guidance office for instructions. 

All others use the O.U.A.C. 105 application form, available at all Ontario universities or apply online.

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link to full-time studies application
link to full-time studies application

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link to part-time studies application
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Applicants whose native language is not English must demonstrate pro ciency in English to be considered for admission. This can be demonstrated in the following ways:

  1. A minimum score of 6.5 on the International English Language Testing System (IELTS); or
  2. A minimum score of 60 on the Canadian Academic English Language Assessment (CAEL); or
  3. A minimum score of 60 on the Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE); or
  4. Successful completion of the University of Windsor’s English Language Improvement Program (ELIP)* (level III) with a minimum final grade of 75%; or
  5. A minimum score of 85 on the English Proficiency Test administered by the English Language Institute of the University of Michigan (MELAB); or
  6. A minimum score of 220 with a T.W.E. 4.5 on the Computer-based Test, 83 with an essay score of 20 on the Internet-based Test of English as a Foreign Language (T.O.E.F.L.); or
  7. Receive a minimum of five semester transfer credits based on work completed at a recognized English-speaking University. (Normally, students must have at least one term of full-time study.); or
  8. Receive a minimum of one year of transfer credit based on work completed at a non-university post-secondary institution with an overall transfer average of B; or
  9. Have completed all secondary or post-secondary education in English speaking countries such as the United Kingdom, West Indies and other countries as specified by the Office of the Registrar; or
  10. Can demonstrate that they have completed three years of full-time secondary or post-secondary study in a school where the language of instruction is English (e.g., in a British, Canadian, American or Australian Curriculum or an international diploma like the International Baccalaureate) and can demonstrate English proficiency. In some cases an English proficiency test may still be required; or
  11. Applicants who do not satisfy the above requirements and wish exemption must provide the Office of the Registrar with a letter detailing the reasons for their appeal and include a letter of recommendation from their Secondary School principal or designate. The Registrar (or designate) will assess the request for exemption of this requirement.

Note: The University reserves the right to require applicants with an English Language Proficiency score disparate from their academic English prerequisite achievement to present further evidence of proficiency.

*For more information on the University of Windsor’s 12-week intensive English language training program, go to English Language Improvement Program (ELIP)


Applicants completing the following levels of education are considered equivalent to OSSD graduates.

British Columbia: Grade 12 High School Diploma with four academic courses at the Grade 12 level. Provincial exams are not required, except for Grade 12 English

Nova Scotia: Grade 12 or first year at a Nova Scotia university after junior matriculation

Quebec: Grade 12 or completion of the first year of a general program at a College d’enseignement general et professionnel (minimum of 12 semester subjects)

All other provinces: Grade 12


Graduates of accredited high schools will normally qualify for admission if the cumulative high school grade point average is 3.0 or above. In addition, applicants are encouraged to submit SAT or ACT scores to supplement their application. Where class rankings are reported on the transcript, a ranking in the top third is preferred. The University of Windsor has an official code to use when you submit your SAT scores (0904) and your ACT scores (7053).


Applicants who have completed the International Baccalaureate Diploma with a minimum overall score of 24, including at least three courses at the higher level, will be considered for admission. Applicants who are completing a provincial or national high school program have the option of being considered for admission on the basis of the high school program.


Applicants who do not meet the minimum academic requirements for admission to the University of Windsor may be eligible for consideration as mature students if they:

  1. Possess an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSS Diploma) or equivalent and do not meet current minimum academic admission requirements. (Applicants who have not completed an OSS Diploma or equivalent must submit a pro le.); and
  2. Are Canadian citizens or permanent residents at the time of application; and
  3. Will be at least 20 years of age prior to proposed date of enrolment; and
  4. Have not been in full-time attendance at a secondary school within the previous two years.
  5. May have attended an Ontario College of Applied Arts and Technology (CAAT) for one or more semesters with a cumulative average between a C- (60%) and a C+ (69%). Applicants to the Odette School of Business require a minimum cumulative average of 67%.

Eligibility for admission will be assessed based on the submission of the following supporting documents:

  1. Transcripts of all high school and post-secondary experiences
  2. A letter of application outlining their career ambitions, potential for success, work experience since high school and how these contributed to their potential for success, personal and professional development and training, and any other pertinent information, along with supporting documentation (where possible).

Applicants whose application package suggests a reasonable probability for success in university studies, will be considered for admission. Applicants seeking further consideration may do so through the Office of the Registrar in consultation with the Dean of the applicant’s intended Faculty whose decision will be final.

Applicants with an OSS Diploma or equivalent who previously attended an Ontario College of Applied Arts and Technology (CAAT) for one or more semesters with a cumulative average below a C- (60%) at the CAAT from a program that was academic in nature must either upgrade or wait for two years before applying under this policy.

Successful applicants will be admitted as degree students. They are permitted to declare a major for which they are eligible.

Admission to many programs is competitive, and the University reserves the right to limit admission. Mature student applicants must satisfy all program specific admission requirements. Program specific admission requirements are listed in the Policy on Admission Requirements (Undergraduate).

This policy does not apply to applicants who have previously attended a university.


Applicants presenting International Baccalaureate (IB) credentials have the option at the point of admission of receiving transfer credit for approved courses, where they have achieved IB grades of ‘5’ or more, to a maximum of 10 courses (30.0 credit hours). Completion of the diploma is not a prerequisite for receiving transfer credit.


Applicants with Advanced Placement (AP) credentials may receive transfer credit for approved courses where they have achieved AP grades of ‘4’ or ‘5’, to a maximum of 10 courses (30.0 credit hours).


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