Women's and Gender Studies

Bachelor of Arts (Honours or General) in Women's Studies

The breadth and depth of Women’s and Gender Studies will amaze you. A deep understanding of women and gender is at the heart of the program, but this is not its boundary. Women’s and Gender Studies is concerned with equality and social justice in the broadest sense.

Our goal is to help you “find your voice”. We prepare you to act on what you learn and encourage you to work with others to make a better world.

Students interested in social work should consider the combined BSW in Social Work and Women’s Studies program.

Program Description

Women’s and Gender Studies courses look below the surface of things. We question everyday assumptions and challenge you to think differently about yourself and the world.

Students say Women’s and Gender Studies is the perfect double major. We focus on issues that matter to you. You will explore how gender, race, sexuality and other social identities shape all aspects of everyday life—from the music you enjoy, to the films you watch, to your relationships with family, friends, and co-workers.

Whether you choose Women’s and Gender Studies on its own or with another program, what you learn will be valuable in workplaces where there is a need for employees who are knowledgeable and responsive to issues of equality, inclusion, and diversity.

Double majors with Psychology, English, History, Sociology, and Criminology are popular, as is our unique Bachelor of Social Work in Social Work and Women’s Studies.

Coure Descriptions - Women's and Gender Studies

Faculty - Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Department - Women's Studies

Admission Requirements

  • Minimum admission average of 70%
  • Mean admission average of 80%
  • ENG4U required.
  • Students may choose to double major in any BA Honours program.
  • All Social Work and Women’s and Gender Studies students must reapply for admission into Year 3.

Career Tracks

  • Community organizations (women’s health, LGBTQ+, newcomer services, etc.)
  • Women’s shelters and crisis centres
  • Correctional services
  • Research and policy
  • With additional study: social work, teaching, law
  • Graduate studies in such disciplines as women’s and gender studies, psychology or sociology

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