Political Science, Law and Politics Specialization

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Political Science, Law and Politics Specialization

If you are considering law school, or wish to learn more about the legal system, this elite honours program is for you.

This unique and challenging interdisciplinary program offers students the chance to learn about Canadian and international legal processes, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and Constitutional law, ethics, legal reasoning and logic, and the art of argumentation.

You will develop essential skills to prepare for law school and to be competitive for future articling positions and legal careers.

You will also learn how to conduct evidence-based research, how to write effectively and clearly, strong argument construction, analytical thinking, as well as debating and oral presentation skills. 

Program Description

This program involves the study of law from a range of different disciplinary perspectives. You will study the history of crime in Canada, the sociology of law, criminology, and philosophical issues relating to legal issues.

You will also take political science courses dealing with constitutional law and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Indigenous legal issues, the Canadian court system, human rights, and Canadian citizenship.

Course Descriptions - Political Science

Faculty -  Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Department - Political Science

Admission Requirements

  • Minimum admission average of 85%
  • Mean admission average of 89% 
  • ENG4U required.
  • Students may choose to double major in any BA Honours program.
  • Students are encouraged to take classes in Law, Human Rights, Political Science, Geography, History, Globalization, Human Rights, and Philosophy as available in their high schools to help prepare them for this challenging degree program.

Experimental Learning

Political Science courses in our degree programs integrate academic study with professional training. You will learn highly sought-after skills of researching, writing, public speaking and debate, as well as public policy construction and analyses. Professors have practical expertise working with and for governments at all levels as well as for think tanks and non-governmental organizations, which they weave into the learning environment.

Additionally, students are exposed to role-playing experiential learning in a number of our classes to gain an insider’s look into sites of power in Canada and internationally. We also provide internship opportunities for course credit in local government and non-governmental settings in the Windsor-Essex region.

Career Tracks

  • Government
  • Public service
  • Law (with additional studies)
  • Policy analysis
  • Public policy think tanks and consulting
  • Non-governmental organizations
  • Journalism
  • Law enforcement
  • Business
  • Teaching (with additional studies)

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Political Science (Honours) with Law and Politics Specialization

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