Drama in Education and Community

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Drama in Education and Community

  • Prepares students for careers in community, institutional and educational settings
  • Teaches the application of drama and theatre as it relates to the elementary/secondary curriculum, and various types of community practice
  • Provides training in creative play, storytelling, theatre for young audiences, theatre for social action, classroom facilitation and leadership
  • Includes teaching placements in both elementary and secondary schools
  • Includes community-based projects driven by social issues

Program Description

If you are looking for a career in applied theatre, the educational and developmental drama fields, and to practise leadership, then the Honours Bachelor of Arts in Drama in Education and Community program is for you.

Canada’s most unique undergraduate program in Drama in Education combines practical, student-centered learning with immediate application in such settings as schools, art galleries, museums, hospitals, senior citizen residences, health-care agencies, and multicultural organizations.

Projects may involve developing presentations and workshops to promote awareness with diverse groups around specific health, education and social issues.

You will also be able to choose a customized set of courses outside of dramatic art, such as Women and Gender Studies, Disability Studies, Pre-Social Work, Social Justice or health sciences, that will complement and inform your dramatic art training and prepare you to work with a variety of populations across the life span.

For those interested in pursuing a teaching degree at the Primary/Junior K-6 level, this program provides experience working in local elementary schools in your second year of study. Courses in developmental drama, literacy, curriculum applications, and research help prepare you for a successful teaching career, and a two-year consecutive Bachelor of Education program to which you must apply to in your final year.

Course Descriptions - Dramatic Art

Faculty - Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Department - School of Dramatic Art

Admission Requirements

  • Minimum admission average of 70%
  • Mean admission average of 80%
  • ENG4U required
  • You must also complete an application for an admission interview by going online to uwindsor.ca/drama. The DRED&C Application form is under “Apply to Dramatic Art” in the left-hand menu. Applicants will be invited to campus for a workshop and interview. 

Career Tracks

  • Elementary and secondary schools and/or special education (BEd is required after this degree)
  • Youth arts counsellor
  • Arts administration
  • Theatre for young audiences’ performers
  • Theatre for social action pro-activism
  • Community drama consultants
  • Community youth arts leader
  • Graduate studies in drama therapy, drama in education, applied theatre and education
  • Workshop and program design and facilitation
  • Program co-ordination
  • Entrepreneurial possibilities
  • Drama and theatre work across the lifespan

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Drama in Education and Community (BA Honours)

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