Registration FAQs

(2018 website will be live April 1)

When do I register for classes?
To find out when you may begin to register for a term, check the Online Registration Periods link on the Registration tab in myUWindsor.

Will I receive an email with my registration appointment time?
You will not receive an email, however a message will be posted in myUWindsor when the appointment times have been assigned. Registration appointment times are typically assigned by the end of March for the summer term, May for the fall term and end of October for the winter term. 

Why don’t I have a registration appointment time?
To find out when you may begin to register for a term check the Online Registration Periods link on the Registration tab in myUWindsor. If the appointment times for the upcoming registration period have been assigned and you don’t have one, contact the Office of the Registrar

How do I find out what courses I need to register for?
If you are an undergraduate student, please refer to your degree audit and seek counselling from the Advising Office or your department before selecting your courses. If you are a graduate student, you must have departmental approval to register in your courses. For Law students please refer to the instructions provided on the Faculty of Law website.

What are electives and how do I choose them?
Electives are optional courses. You can choose to take any elective course for which you meet the requirements. We recommend that you take elective courses that interest you. Students are encouraged to develop their breadth of study during their time at University.

How do I know that I need to register in a lab for my course?
Check the Course Details using the Course Search in myUWindsor. You must first select on the course before you can view the details. Course component information is specified here (e.g. 3 lecture hours and 1.5 laboratory hours.) Section numbers for labs are typically in the 50-85 range.

Can I add courses into my planner that allow for an exam conflict?
If you are already registered in another course that has the same exam slot, please choose a different course or section. Remember that “major” courses need to be given priority.

How do I place myself on a waiting list?
First, try registering for the course. If the course is full and a wait list is available, you will be prompted to add yourself to the waitlist.

Ensure that you have activated your UWin account as notifications regarding your waitlist status will be sent to your UWin email address. Once you have been notified that a seat is available, you will have 48 hours to confirm your spot in the course. Once classes have started you will only have 24 hours to confirm.

I am getting a message telling me that the course I am trying to add is reserved for a specific group of students. How do I add myself to the wait list?
You cannot place yourself on a wait list unless that course is full, or the places allocated for that category of students have all been filled.

What happens if I drop a class after the last day for late registration and change of courses (add/drop period)?
Use the Drop Course tool in myUWindsor to drop any registered course. A grade of VW (Voluntary Withdrawal) will be assigned to courses dropped after the last day for change of courses and before the Voluntary Withdrawal date. You can find these dates on the Important Academic Dates page. For refund information see the Cashiers Office website

Where can I find an Add/Drop form?
Links to commonly used forms such as the Add/Drop Course Change form are available in the Fillable forms section under Academic Tools.

Can I attend the first class to see if I like it before registering in it?
In order to attend the classes, you must have registered and paid for the course. If you are not satisfied with the course, you may withdraw before the stated withdraw date. Check important academic dates under academic links for further information.

Will I receive an email about my recent account statement?
A summary of your student account can be accessed using the Account Summary link on the Financial Matters tab under financial tools. To have a statement of account emailed to your UWindsor email address for the current term, go to the Email Account Statement link under financial tools.

I need to change my address. How do I do that?
To update your contact information use the Update Address link on the Profile tab.

How do I request a minor?
A minor is not required but is available in most subject areas. Use the Change Minor link on the Academics tab in myUWindsor to add or change a Minor. See the University Calendar for more information about Minors.

How do I change my major?
To request a change of major use the Change Major link under Academic tools. Choose the term that you wish to apply for and select Apply. Complete the form as requested.

What is a Degree Audit?
A Degree Audit or DARS is a document that outlines the course requirements for your program of study. The Degree Audit link can be found on the Academics tab. Once you have registered for your courses, you should always check your Degree Audit to ensure that your courses are fulfilling your degree requirements. 

Please note: While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the Degree Audit, the Degree Audit is only a tool you can use to check your progress towards your degree. It does not replace the need for academic advising, which you are strongly encouraged to seek through an Advisor in your major area of study or an Advisor in the Advising Office.

Where can I get my enrolment certificate?
To obtain an enrolment certificate for the current term, go to the Enrolment Certificate link on the Academics tab. Select the term requested and a PDF will be produced which can then be printed or emailed to the intended recipient.

Why do I need an enrolment certificate?
An enrolment certificate proves to third parties that you are enroled as a student at the University of Windsor. 

How can I take a course in addition to the prescribed term load for my given program?
Students cannot register in a course overload through myUWindsor. Overload courses require the approval of your Dean.

I have an exam conflicting with my religious conviction. What should I do?
If you are unable to write a final examination(s) during the regularly scheduled time slot because of a conflict with religious conviction, you must apply for the alternative examination(s) in the course(s) involved by the end of the normal add/drop period for the particular session.

All applications must be submitted to the Registrar’s Office within the first two weeks of classes. The Registrar's Office will schedule the alternative examination(s) for those students in another slot(s) within the regular examination period. The form is available in the Fillable Forms section on the Academics tab in myUWindsor.

I have three exams scheduled on the same day. How can I change this?
A student scheduled to write three invigilated final examinations in one calendar day may apply to have one examination rescheduled on an alternate examination day. The determination of which examination shall be rescheduled and the date of the alternate examination (may be the last possible day of the examination period) shall be made by the Registrar.

Please download the rescheduling exam form available in the Fillable Forms section under Academic tools, and submit to the Office of the Registrar by the end of the fourth week of classes and second week of classes for 6 week courses.

How do I find out when and where my exams are?
Your exam information is displayed in myUWindsor on the Academics Tab. Select the Exam Schedule link.

Can I authorize others to access my account information?
In order to authorize others to access specified account information such as payments and charges, or to act on your behalf to order a transcript or register, go to Account Authorization on the Financial Matters tab. Add a user and complete the form as requested.

When is the deadline for registering for the courses?
Check Important Dates to find out when the registration and change of course period ends.

Why is my exam listed five times?
If a course has a high number of students enrolled, the exam may need to be administered in multiple rooms. The exam will be listed once for every one of these rooms. Students will be instructed where they are to write the exam later in the term. 

I have registered for a future semester but now I have decided not to attend. What should I do?
Ensure that you drop all of the registered courses in the future term using the Drop Course link on the Registration tab. Failure to do so will result in fees being assessed to your student account.

I have registered to be a full time student but now I have decided to go part time. What should I do? 
Undergrad full time / part time status is typically determined by the number of courses that a student is registered in. In general more than 3 registered courses will classify you as full time. Three or fewer courses is considered part time. Please remember that if you are receiving OSAP your funding for future terms could be affected by a drop to part-time status.

Graduate students must be approved by the Dean of Graduate Studies. The student must submit a written request to the department. For more information visit:

The Faculty of Law has a limited half-time Law Study Program. For more information visit:

I want to make sure I'm positioned to be successful academically. What can I do to start off on the right path?
See your advisor (program or central), attend Head Start, and attend welcome week in the fall.