Science Programs

Biological Sciences

link B.Sc. Honours Biological Sciences

link B.Sc. Honours Molecular Biology and Biotechnology

link Combined B.Sc. Honours Program in Behaviour, Cognition and Neuroscience

link B.Sc. Honours Biology and Biochemistry (Health and Biomedical Stream)

Chemistry and Biochemistry

link B.Sc. Chemistry Major or Honours

link B.Sc. Honours Chemistry and Physics

link B.Sc. Honours Biochemistry or Honours Biology and Biochemistry (Health and Biomedical Stream)

Computer Science

link Bachelor of Computer Science (General)

link Bachelor of Computer Science (Honours) (with/without Co-op)

link B.Sc. Honours Computer Science with Software Engineering Specialization (with/without Co-op)

link B.Sc. Honours Computer Information Systems (with/without Co-op)

link Bachelor of Computing Science with Honours Applied Computing (with/without Co-op)


link Bachelor of Arts Economics General

link Bachelor of Arts Economics Honours

link Bachelor of Science Economics Honours

Environmental Science

link B.Sc. Honours Environmental Science

Environmental Studies

link Honours B.E.S. (Bachelor of Environmental Studies)

Forensic Science

link Bachelor of Forensic Science

link Combined B.A. in Forensics

General Science

link Concurrent General Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Education

link B.Sc. General Science

Mathematics and Statistics

link Bachelor of Mathematics (General and Honours) and Honours Mathematics and Statistics

link Bachelor of Mathematics (Honours Mathematics and Computer Science)

link Honours Mathematics with Finance Concentration

link Concurrent General Bachelor of Mathematics/Bachelor of Education 


link B.Sc. Honours Physics (and Co-op)

link B.Sc. Honours Physics (Physics and High Technology) (and Co-op)

link B.Sc. Honours Physics (Medical Physics) (and Co-op)

Recommended courses for students intending to pursue professional programs:

Pre-professional counselling is available from advisors across campus in each of the program areas.   Students interested in a professional program following their undergraduate degree can also be advised, or directed to an appropriate advisor, though the Head Start Program, the Centre for Student Success, or from the Faculty of Science.