Nursing Programs

B.Sc.N. Nursing

FALL 2018

11-63-166, 11-63-171, 11-63-172, 11-63-175
Arts (01-) Social Science (02-) Science (O3-)

*Note: You must choose the special section of Psychology 02-46-115 designated for nursing students.

Course Descriptions

02-46-115    Introduction to Psychology as a Behavioural Science 

Introduction to selected areas in psychology including learning, perception, physiological psychology, emotion, and motivation.

11-63-166    Health Assessment I

This introductory course introduces the learner to history taking and physical examination skills. Through lectures, readings, case studies and practice in the laboratory, students will learn and practise performing a holistic health history and the techniques of inspection, palpation, percussion and auscultation for system examinations. Students will learn to gather data from their subjective and objective and lab work assessments and begin to identify normal findings, as well as concerning signs and symptoms, unhealthy lifestyle practices and unexpected findings. The focus of the course will be on assessment of the pediatric, adult and elderly client with a brief overview of neonatal assessment. (Pre requisite: Nursing student) (Corequisite: registration in all courses required for first-year Fall semester.) (2 lecture hours plus 2 laboratory hours each week.)

11-63-171    Introduction to Nursing

Professional nursing, its organization, structure, dimensions and responsibilities are explored with an emphasis on the role of the nurse and nursing competencies that facilitate maturation and adaptation of clients. Using critical thinking, students are introduced to the concepts of health, clinical decision making, and problem solving, including the nursing process, communication, caring teaching/learning, and management/planned change. Students learn to identify the health needs of individuals. (Corequisites: registration in all courses required for first-year Fall semester.) (3 lecture hours a week.)

11-63-172    Clinical Nursing Experience

A clinical course designed to provide students with the opportunity to learn and practise patient care and care planning skills in simulated and clinical settings. To be taken concurrently with 63-171 in related clinical areas. (Corequisites: registration in all courses required for first-year Fall semester.) (Offered on a Pass/Non Pass basis.) (6 hours a week.)

11-63-175    Anatomy and Physiology I

This introductory course will expose the beginning nursing student to the foundations of anatomy and physiology within the context of nursing and health. Review of the systems will incorporate not only the anatomy and physiology of the system, but its relevance and importance to the care of the patient. Practical laboratory work will complement lectures and integrate theory with clinical application and Health Assessment I. (3 lecture hours each week, plus 2 laboratory hours every other week). (Corequisite: Registration in all courses required for Year One fall semester.) (Pre requisite: Nursing student) (Cross-listed with 55-175)