Human Kinetics Programs

Bachelor of Human Kinetics

FALL 2018

07-95-211 Section 01, 07-95-225 Section 01, 07-95-265 Section 01, 07-95-265 select a lab section, 07-95-280 Section 01
Arts (01-) Social Science (02-) Science (O3-)
One non-kinesiology

Course Descriptions

07-95-211    Principles of Mental Skills Training

This course surveys the psychological principles underlying cognitive techniques that can be used to improve performance and enjoyment in physical activity environments such as sport and exercise. Among the topics to be explored will be critical thinking, goal setting, anxiety control, and attentional focus.

07-95-225    Ethics in Sport and Physical Activity

A philosophical analysis of sport and physical activity with emphasis on ethical aspects. Ethical theories will be studied as a basis for assessing and understanding decisions and actions of coaches, athletes, officials, and executive members. Case studies covering problem areas will be utilized to enable the student to analyze these decisions and actions.

07-95-265    Functional Anatomy

An in depth study of the human musculoskeletal system. Emphasis will be placed on the components of skeletal, muscular, and nervous systems. Joint articulations will be covered in detail. (2 lecture, 2 laboratory hours a week.)

07-95-280    Fundamental Mechanics of Human Motion

Presents the quantitative fundamentals of mechanics as they apply to movements of the human body and the sport implements it handles.