Engineering Programs

Bachelor of Applied Science in Engineering (Honours) - ALL PROGRAMS – Choose one Group and register in all the courses and sections for that Group only. Do not mix sections from different groups. Depending on the class, you MAY have to register separately for lecture, laboratory or tutorial sections.

FALL 2018 Group 1 Group 2
Engineering and Design: 06-85-133 lecture, laboratory Section 01 Section 02
Engineering Mechanics: 06-85-111 lecture, tutorial Section 01 Section 02
Differential Calculus: 03-62-140 lecture, tutorial Section 01, tutorial 51-56 Section 02, tutorial 57-62
Linear Algebra (Engineering): 03-62-126 lecture, tutorial Section 01 Section 02
Engineering and the Profession: 06-85-118 lecture Section 01

Bachelor of Applied Science in Engineering (Honours) - ALL PROGRAMS – In the Winter Semester, students are required to register in courses in the same group in which they registered for Fall semester courses. Do not mix sections from different groups.

Course Descriptions

03-62-126    Linear Algebra (Engineering)

Linear systems, matrix algebra, determinants, vectors in Rn, dot product, orthogonalization, and eigenvalues. (Prerequisite 62-102 or Grade 12 Advanced Functions and Grade 12 Calculus and Vectors or equivalent.) (Antirequisite: 62-120, or 62-125.) (3 lecture hours, 1 tutorial hour a week.)

03-62-140    Differential Calculus

Trigonometric functions and identities. Inverse trigonometric functions. Limits and continuity. Derivatives and applications. Mean Value Theorem. Indeterminate forms and l’Hopital’s Rule. Antiderivatives. Introduction to definite integrals. (Prerequisite: Grade 12 Advanced Functions and Grade 12 Calculus and Vectors or equivalent, or 62-101.) (Antirequisite: 62-139) (3 lecture hours, 1 tutorial hour a week.)

06-85-111    Engineering Mechanics I

Statics of particles and rigid bodies; trusses, frames, machines; centroids and centres of gravity; friction. (3 lecture, 2 tutorial hours a week.)

06-85-118    Engineering and the Profession

The Engineering and the Profession course is an introductory professional course for all Engineering students. The students will be introduced to and learn about various professional and academic topics, and may include but are not limited to: differences and similarities between the various engineering disciplines; academic performance, expectations, and procedures; strategies for academic success; extracurricular student opportunities; important career development issues; academic integrity and ethical considerations; sustainability considerations; and public health and safety responsibilities; and how engineering is broadly related to our society. The fundamentals of technical communications will be introduced, focusing on common technical writing needs, such as grammar, formatting and style, as well as basic writing forms, such as memos and short documents. Additional topics may include the basics of common engineering measurements, technical principles and approaches, business and legal practices. (3 lecture hours a week.) (Credit weight 3.0.)

06-85-133    Engineering and Design

Introductory engineering design course. Visualization techniques, graphical communication using sketching, isometric drawings, orthographic projection, section views, auxiliary views and descriptive geometry. Drafting portfolio. Design portfolio consisting of open ended problems: problem identification and formulation; analysis of the problem; problem solving techniques; graphical communication of the solution. Includes group work to develop personal, teamwork, leadership, and task completion skills. (3 lecture, 3 laboratory hours a week.) (Credit weight 4.5.)