Head Start

Head Start Orientation
Head Start 2018  
Thank you for choosing the University of Windsor, and we hope our Head Start program gives you the necessary tools to approach the fall semester.

Head Start Dates

  • Saturday, July 14th

  • Saturday, July 27th

  • Saturday, August 4th

Faculty Specific Dates

  • Friday, June 15 (Science)

  • Saturday, June 16 (School of Dramatic Arts)

  • Friday, July 13 (Nursing and Human Kinetics)

  • Friday, July 27 (Engineering & Business)

  • Friday, August 3 (School of Creative Arts)

Attendance of the Faculty Specific Dates is not mandatory as you will still receive all necessary information at Head Start, but if you choose to attend a specific day for your faculty you can expect to meet faculty, get program related questions answered and have the opportunity to explore the buildings which a majority of your classes will take place.

Stay tuned for registration forms, and thank you again for choosing the University of Windsor!


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