Spotlight on Graduate Research

Justin Mychek-LonderJustin Mychek-Londer is shown here on the banks of the Detroit River. He's one of nine graduate students who received scholarships from the Ontario Trillium Foundation.

Protecting water resources aim of Trillium scholarship winner

Armed with a new scholarship, a graduate student in the university’s Great Lakes Institute for Environmental Research is trying to make the world a better place by protecting our water from invasive species.

Dusty JohnstoneDusty Johnstone's research involved interviewing 10 women who had been sexually assaulted but didn't label their experience as such.

Acknowledging sexual assault focus of PhD thesis

Even though by the letter of the law they may have been sexually assaulted, an alarming number of women don’t label what happened to them as sexual assault or rape, according to Dusty Johnstone.

A post-doctoral teaching fellow in Women’s Studies, Dr. Johnstone recently defended her 250-page PhD dissertation, a qualitative study based on interviews of 10 women who technically had been sexually assaulted, but didn’t label their experiences as such.

Lauren FitzsimmonsLauren Fitzsimmons holds up a cricket. The post-doctoral fellow discovered that crickets celebrate winning fights with "victory dances," especially if other crickets are watching.

Cricket research catches attention of National Geographic

Lauren Fitzsimmons earned a master's degree in Dan Mennill's lab and returned there for a post-doctoral fellowship after completing her PhD at Carleton, where she conducted behavioural research on crickets.

Bojana KnezevicBojana Knezevic was all smiles in this photo, taken right after she successfully defended her dissertation.

Student discovers beauty of clinical neuropsychology in Windsor

During the five years she was in Windsor, Bojana Knezevic learned a tremendous amount about impulsivity and how an inability to delay gratification may lead to risky and potentially harmful behaviour.

She also learned a great deal about herself, not the least of which is that she isn’t an especially impulsive person.