Spotlight on Graduate Research

Kevin Milne and Craig HarwoodKinesiology professor Kevin Milne and master's student Craig Harwood are investigating whether dehydration may contribute to increased rates of concussion among collegiate athletes.

Researchers probing link between concussions and dehydration

Kevin Milne and Craig Harwood have a pretty strong suspicion that dehydration may result in a greater likelihood of concussion for many athletes.

Proving it, however, is the hard part.

Zbigniew Pasek and Marzieh MehrjooZbigniew Pasek and Marzieh Mehrjoo look at some clothing articles from Zara. The researchers studied how much product variety "fast fashion" manufacturers can introduce into their lineup before it becomes a losing proposition for them.

'Fast fashion' product variation studied by engineering researchers

Researchers have developed a model that will help people figure out how much product variability it can introduce before it becomes a losing proposition.

Dave YurkowskiPhD student Dave Yurkowski pulls a ringed seal into a boat in Resolute Bay, Nunavut.

Grad student travels to Arctic to study ringed seals

Mention seals to most Canadians and chances are their minds will immediately jump to the variety of harp seals that are controversially hunted on the east coast.

But the lesser known ringed seals are just as important to Canada’s Arctic, and a PhD student in the Great Lakes Institute for Environmental Research is devoting his research to studying their behaviour and how it may be changing as a result of climate change in the north.

Xiaomin LuXiaomin Lu works on one of her experiments on her recent trip to India.

Studying in Windsor pays off for PhD student

Coming to Windsor might have been the best move ever for a young Chinese engineering graduate student who’s trying to improve the performance of hybrid electric vehicles.

“It’s been really good for me,” said Xiaomin Lu, a PhD student who will soon return to Windsor after a productive six-week trip to India to conduct more research. “If I had stayed in China, I never would have had the opportunity to experience so much.”

New PhD students in HKHuman kinetics recently launched a new PhD program and the first cohort of students are beginning their research programs. From left are Kristy Smith, Matthieu Hoffman, Michelle Guerrero and Kelly Carr.

Community focused PhD program launched in HK

Human kinetics has a brand new community-based PhD program and the first cohort of students say they’re thrilled.

John Murray, Suzanne Ali and Michael HattenGrad students John Murray, left, Suzanne Ali and Michael Hatten conducted research to learn more about how varsity football players' knowledge and attitudes about concussions influenced their behaviour.

Football players may disregard concussion consequences, student researchers find

Despite being aware of the long-term consequences of concussions, some football players are willing to continue participating because they’re able to rationalize putting their sport ahead of themselves.

Those were among the findings of a trio of first-year masters students in kinesiology who presented their work yesterday, the final day for their research methods course.