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Philosophy prof recognized for contributions to equity

Philosophy professor Catherine Hundleby is the 2020 recipient of the Mary Lou Dietz Equity Leadership Award from the Windsor University Faculty Association’s Status of Women, Diversity and Equity Action Committee.

The award, which honours individuals who demonstrate leadership through their contributions to creating an equity culture on campus, is named after Mary Lou Dietz, a late UWindsor faculty member and head of the Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminology, in recognition of her contributions to the advancement of women in Canadian universities and colleges.

Catherine HundlebyThe committee calls Dr. Hundleby a “champion of inclusion, diversity, and equity” in the Department of Philosophy, the University of Windsor, and the discipline of philosophy across North America and Europe.

She works in a discipline which is still male-dominated, and has been a force for change. She has pushed the department and each member to re-think and revise reading lists to open them to women’s and marginalized voices outside of the traditional canon. Within her own field of philosophy of science and argumentation studies, she has pioneered new directions to feminist epistemology and theories of argumentation.

Hundleby is a progressive activist philosopher, primarily concerned with equity and social justice, who has had a significant impact at the University of Windsor and on the professional groups of which she is a part of.

Learn more about Dr. Hundleby’s achievements on the WUFA website.

Due to the COVID-19 and the potential risk to its attendees, the association has decided to hold a reception in the Fall 2020 to honour Hundleby, and will provide details later.

Gloved hands handling hazardous materialPolicy-makers must heed the lessons offered by the COVID-19 pandemic, says a UWindsor instructor of business and economics.

Instructor draws lessons from pandemic preparation

A UWindsor instructor of business and economics has issued a call for policy-makers to heed the lessons offered by the COVID-19 pandemic.

In an opinion piece published by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation on Sunday, April 5, Imran Abdool, a lecturer in economics and finance, and Hance Clarke, director of pain services at Toronto General Hospital, argue that Canada could have been much better prepared for this outbreak.

“We didn’t make the investments we should have in health care before this crisis hit,” they write. “While COVID-19 is a tragedy, we should not let it become a double tragedy by repeating our mistakes.”

They detail four lessons:

  • government must invest in health care research and development;
  • supplies of equipment and drugs cannot depend on the profit motive;
  • good economies are the time to establish surge-capacity in health care; and
  • continued productivity must account for the needs of an aging population.

Read the entire article on the CBC website.

volleyballLancer Recreation honoured the winners of its intramural season.

Lancer Recreation celebrates intramural champs

Although unable to celebrate with its traditional end of year banquet, Lancer Recreation announced the winners of its intramural season.

Among the individual awards were:

  • Rookie official of the year Ajay Krishnan Unikrishnan
  • Official of the year Cassell Jones
  • Sport managers of the year Mitchell Benn and Brooke Davis
  • Participants of the year Ali Tejani and Michelle Louwagie

The Schulich Frisbee squad was named most sportsmanlike team.

Champion teams finished atop the standings in sports from flag football to futsal, cricket to spikeball. Find a full list of winners on the Lancer Rec website.

an invoiceThe Finance department will continue to issue payments, but asks suppliers to email all invoices.

Finance issues memo on receiving and paying supplier invoices

As the University of Windsor has transitioned to an essential services only model and will be working remotely, most faculty and staff on campus are no longer receiving regular mail from Distribution Services, including invoices sent through the mail.

The Finance department will continue to issue payments to suppliers during this time, but asks suppliers to email all invoices requiring payment to This will ensure that the invoice is received and processed in a timely manner.

Note: the Finance department is still receiving weekly mail from Distribution Services and will continue to process invoices that come through the mail which are addressed directly to the Finance Department. Any suppliers who mail invoices to the University but do not address them directly to the Finance department will not be paid.

The department is asking faculty and staff to contact any suppliers they are expecting invoices from and have them email invoices to This will ensure that the invoice is received by Accounts Payable and processed.

Encourage all suppliers to register for direct deposit payments from the University if they have not already done so. The supplier can register for direct deposit/EFT payments with the University by completing the Supplier Direct Deposit Form and emailing the completed form, with a copy of a void cheque, to

Any questions regarding supplier invoicing and payment can be emailed to