Tina TarpgaardArtist Tina Tarpgaard will perform and discuss her choreographic work “Mass-Bloom” Thursday in the SoCA Armouries.

Visiting artist to perform choreographic installation

Danish choreographer Tina Tarpgaard will perform her installation “Mass-Bloom” and discuss the work in a free public presentation at noon Thursday, March 8, in the SoCA Armouries’ Performance Hall.

Tarpgaard is currently visiting the Incubator bio-art lab. Her “Mass-Bloom” is a choreographic installation dealing with the issues of decay, decomposition, and death. It is experienced as a durational performance for worms, plastic, and a human conducting an unusual co-creation of space and time.

In her talk to follow, Tarpgaard will introduce the human and non-human performers of the work and discuss the interrelations between them. She will discuss the materiality and immateriality of death though the creation of ritual and the tangible experience of remains.