info sheetsThe “Take Charge of Stress” campaign offers sheets with information on a number of aspects of stress.

Anti-stress campaign focus of wellness newsletter

Stress is part of life, says the April 2017 edition of Workplace Wellness E-Digest; it is the body’s response to a real or perceived threat.

The publication, produced by the Department of Human Resources’ Office of Employee Engagement and Development, touts the “Take Charge of Stress” campaign to deal with stress.

“At times, we may feel that stress is difficult to manage and that we can’t do anything to regain control of our lives,” the newsletter says. “We may not be able to control the situation that is causing the stress, but we can take charge of our emotions, thoughts, lifestyle and coping mechanisms that may be adding to our level of stress.”

It outlines strategies that can increase the ability to cope with stress, including a series of information sheets on the health effects of prolonged stress, and myths about its causes and symptoms. Read the Workplace Wellness E-Digest.