Administrative officer aces comestibles quiz

Susan Holiga, administrative officer in the Faculty of Science, won this week’s DailyNews quiz. Her entry was drawn from those respondents who correctly answered all 10 questions on festive foods —with a little fudge thrown in for good measure.

Here are the answers we were looking for (and one we weren’t):

  1. Hanukkah is celebrated with b) the potato pancakes latkes.
  2. Winter solstice is marked with the consumption of d) the Yule log.
  3. Nurnberg is the protected destination of origin of c) Lebkuchen.
  4. The Land of Sweets is ruled by d) the Sugar Plum Fairy.
  5. Dickens is credited with popularizing d) the turkey as a Christmas roast in England.
  6. Soup made with peanuts or yams are served on a) Kwanzaa.
  7. The Japanese celebrate the new year by eating b) toshikoshi noodles.
  8. Hogmanay, like whisky and shortbread, hails from c) Scotland.
  9. The Epiphany cake we were looking for was d) Three Kings Cake, but a number of sources cited fruitcake as a form of the dessert, so the quizmaster also accepted a) as correct.
  10. Happy wanderers know that any Leutonian event should be concluded with coffee and b) cabbage rolls.

Holiga will receive the prize donated by Food Services, a $25 credit on her UwinCARD, usable at campus retail outlets.